Math Expression Parser - JbcParser for Java

Math Parser Java class parses and evaluates mathematical expressions at runtime. Supports user defined variables and functions.




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Description of Math Expression Parser - JbcParser for Java:

MathParser evaluates mathematical expressions given as strings at runtime.

Features are:

*Runs fast.
*Easy to use, simple class API.
*Comes with predefined functions.
*Users can create custom functions/variables.
*Optimization: Constant expression elimination for repeated tasks.
*Operators: +, -, /, *, ^
*Paranthesis: (, {, [
*Functions in the form of: f(x, y, z, ...)
*Function parameters are not calculated until needed.
*List of predefined functions is available in the documentation.
*Java source code is included.

Visit for java applet demo.

An example of a simple expression is : LN(X)+SIN(10/2-5)

When parsed, this expression will be represented as: since the SIN(10/2-5) is in fact SIN(0) which is a constant and is 0.

Thus, in a loop, if you change the value of X and ask for the value of the expression, it will be evaluated quite fast since SIN(10/2-5) is not dependent on X.

X and Y are predefined variables. You can create your own variables as needed.

There are many predefined mathematical functions. They are listed in documentation. You can create your functions that take any number of parameters as needed. IF logic is implemented through a predefined IF(A,B,C) function. Similar functions can be created as needed.

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