MailBee MessageCensor

MailBee MessageCensor filters supplied html content removing scripts and any other embedded objects that can potentially contain destructive code.




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Windows All Versions

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Description of MailBee MessageCensor:

Need some censorship for your email engine? MessageCensor is a powerful and customizable tool to remove any unwanted content from arbitrary html text (for example, html-formatted email message). MessageCensor can remove scripts, embedded objects, frames and so on. Also, text parsing is available, so you can cut parts of message containing certain unwanted words or phrases.

All censorship rules are completely customizable. MessageCensor comes with a set of predefined rules which fit well for the most of situations. However, you can always set your rules or modify existing ones.

All removed parts of the source message are stored in a special collection, so you always know what MessageCensor has done.

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