Klik! SizeLib v1.0 (8 Developers Team License)

Klik! SizeLib v1.0 ...A copmlete sizing solution for your Visual Basic applications...




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Description of Klik! SizeLib v1.0 (8 Developers Team License):

Different screen resolutions has always been a pain for developers.You had to write dozens lines of code for each screen or had to let the customer make his own way to work on a greater resolution!?!...

...not anymore...

The new Klik! SizeLib consists of 3 Com components (Klik! Resizer,Klik! Anchor,Klik! ScrollBar)to make your Visual Basic applications resolution independent.Each control in this library is designed to give a different solution.You want to add resizing ability to your controls, use Klik! Resizer Control, or you may want to anchor your controls to the form edges and also resize them, use Klik! Anchor Control, or you don't want your controls to be resized or anchored but want to find a way to work on a bigger screen that you are have to, use Klik! ScrollBar Control.

...with zero code...

All controls in Klik! SizeLib requires zero code to get worked.Only drop the control onto the form, just do a few kliks to customize it and that's all...But, of course, at any time, you can also use the runtime methods to achieve more flexible results...

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