ISAX GEFanuc SNPX ActiveX for PLC communications




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Win CE/Pocket PC

ISAX GE SNPX ActiveX Download

Description of ISAX GE SNPX ActiveX:

SNPX provides communication with GEFanuc Series90, Micro90 and Versamax family PLCs via GEFanuc SNPX protocol. It can be used with PLCs' programming port or communication modules.Two data types not included in GEFanuc specifications have been created (TypeRdint and TypeRreal) to make extremely easy work with double integer and real number formatted in %R memory type.The control doesn't provide reading/writing functions to %P and %L memories of 90-70 PLC.SNPX is the best low cost solution to build up your own supervisoring application using the platform you prefere (Office, VB, VC++, etc.).Manual included in download file.Release Note of version 3.0Starting from version 3.0 ISAX_SNPX can be used both in singleport or multiport configuration; this means that developer has not to insert more than one ActiveX in his application if protocol must operate on more ports!! All commands can be direct to a specified port or to the default one. Protocol has been improved adding new events, optimizing the speed in communications and extending the capability of controlling ports identified with number greater than 16. For more information check the manual included in download.

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