IBProvider (Corporate)

Native OLEDB (ADODB) provider for InterBase/Firebird/Yaffil




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Description of IBProvider (Corporate):

The product is a Native OLEDB provider for access to InterBase and compatibleSQL-servers. Using IBProvider you can create applications on Visual Basic, Delphi, C++, Visual Studio .NET, MS Office, MS Access, ActiveX Scripts and Crystal Reports to work with InterBase databases. In fact, you can use IBProvider to create any Windows-based applications for InterBase.
IB4.x&#44 IB5.x and IB6.x support.; Wide range of OLE DB data types and support of all InterBase datatypes. ; Integrated data type convertor.; Support of reading & writing BLOB-fields through storage-objects.; Array data type support.; Presence of UNICODE mode, providing special support of the following code pages: UNICODE_FSS, WINXXX, DOSXXX.The mode gives automatic conversion for ordinal fields, arrays,BLOB-fields and storage-objects.; Three levels of transaction isolation: Read Commited, Snapshot, Snapshot Table Stability.; Two-phase commit.; Microsoft Transaction Server support.; Connection pool services support.; Support of all rowsets of logical and physical information schemata.; Now you can use IB as a linked MSSQL server for heterogeneous query execution.; Full support of IB SQL, including execute of stored procedure andtransactions control through SQL.; Support of ODBC-extentions in SQL-queries. Used in Crystal Report.; Named and unnamed query parameters support.; Automatic recognition of query parameter types.; IN-OUT parameters.; Client Cursor Engine support.; Server Cursor support - four specialized modes: unidirectional access, read-only data; random access, read-only data; random access, immediate update; random access, delayed update; Updatable rowsets realize: automatic and controlled modes of database update; pool of prepared SQL-queries for database update; possibility to use separate transactions for reading and writing data. In all the modes there are no limitations on size of the processing data: 64-bit access to automatically created temporary files; highly productive rowset data cashe. ; Support of multithreaded InterBase applications.; Minimal system requirements: InterBase SQL Server client (gds32.dll) should be installed. IBProvider doesn't require installation of MDAC library service components.
Distribution kit [5 Mb] contains
Commercial Release of IBProvider V2 [automatic registration in your system]:all implemented functions are accessible; time-limit free; Commercial Release of IBProvider V1; Client Library for C++Builder (Standard C++, STL):directly cooperating with OLE DB interfaces classes; set of useful service classes; Examples of IBProvider usage:examples of work with IBProvider; IBProvider help (chm).

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