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Description of Gatekeeper:

Do you want to be able to put out trial versions of your software with out fear that people will find a way to continue to use it without paying for it? Gatekeeper uses proven encryption technology to create secure licensing for your product. This can be easily incorporated into your product by the use of an ActiveX Control or use of a COM interface.
Gatekeeper is a licensing system that is extremely flexible and very secure. The core of this system is the IGateKeeper COM interface that implements the encryption and license verification routines. By placing this in a COM interface the code is isolated from the client and the client can be in any language that supports COM. Keys can be restricted by runs, days, options or program version or any combination of these.
In order to make it easier for Visual Basic developers there is an ActiveX control that interfaces to the IGateKeeper COM interface and has properties for the data needed. This simplifies the programming.

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