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The ExMaskEdit ActiveX control handles the format of text entered by the user. What does ExMaskEdit provide, and other mask edit control doesn't? The ExMaskEdit control provides a nice and useful feature, that we called multimask ( haven't seen it before ) , that means that the control is able to handle more than a mask at runtime. Sometime, your mask doesn't fit all the requirements, or the masking rules are limited, so you are unable to use a standard mask edit control. That's the reason why we decided to get released the ExMaskEdit ActiveX control. The ExMaskEdit control can subclass a standard edit control or a rich control edit. When the control subclasses a rich edit control, the mask is painted using an user color. Here's a list of types of data that you might want to mask: license keys, IP addresses, urls, e-mails, phone numbers, decimal numbers, hexa numbers, binary numbers, alpha and digit characters, date, time, and so on. Because the ExMaskEdit has built using ATL, your user interface is very fast and uses minimal system resources. Full context sensitive on-line help, samples code.

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