eTitlebar Control - Standard Version

Windows Titlebar replacement control for Visual Basic. Standard Version without Custom Button.




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Description of eTitlebar Control - Standard Version:

The eTitlebar control is a complete replacement of the standard Windows titlebar for non-MDI Visual Basic forms. eTitlebar will allow you to specify numerous window properties, at design-time or run-time, to give your application a modern and unique appearance. Some of the properties include: Form Transparency, Show In Taskbar, Tool Window, Form Minimum and Maximum size limits, etc... The control allows you to specify the colors used in the titlebar and provides three options for BackStyle: Gradient (horizontal or vertical), Solid, and even a third option to use a tiled image in the background! You have complete discretion over which buttons appear on the form (Close, Min, Max, Whats This).Download the demo today to see this powerful control in action! (demo project and sample screenshots)

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