EPatcher OCX compare files of any type (binary or text) and generate patching information. The patches can then be applied to the old files.




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Description of EPatcher:

Developers must frequently update their software with enhancements, new features, and bug fixes. Even though this usually involves updating only a tiny portion of the overall code, deploying these changes mean you have to update the entire data, executable or text file.
EPatcher allows you to automatically compare files of any type and generate patching information. EPatcher can then apply the patch file to the original (existing) file to output the new version. For example, if you fixed the value of a constant in your 3MB program only 2K might have changed from the original version. To ship a new 3MB executable for that fix does not make a lot of sense. EPatcher will determine byte-wise what was changed/added/removed from the original file and apply these changes to the new file.
There are hundreds of ways that you can use the EPatcher component, whether it be to update your executable files or to build an Internet file replication tool, the options are unlimited.

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