CLASSter MS SQL/Sybase Edition

CLASSter is a Visual Basic 6.0 code generator. It generates VB class that has methods with names and parameters matching stored procedures in database




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Description of CLASSter MS SQL/Sybase Edition:

CLASSter is Visual Basic code generator. It digs into your database and generates Visual Basic Class that implements all functionality that your application ever needs for its database operations. This VB class essentially represents database itself in your application. It has methods with names and parameters matching names and parameters of stored procedures in database. You invoke stored procedures simply by calling class methods.
And not only stored procedures - the generated class supports all standard database access functions like executing SQL statements, controlling transactions, manipulating data in Recordsets. It is powerful database access engine that will work as a gate to database for your application.
MS SQL/Sybase Edition supports MS Access, MS SQL Server, Sybase ASE Server without any restrictions. Oracle server is supported in Demo Mode.

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