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AGS SQL Scribe Enterprise 
SQL Scribe is a documentation tool created with the developer in mind.  SQL Scribe will interrogate a SQL 7.0 or 2000 database and extract the database schema. This schema information is stored in an MS Access 2000 database.  Using any readily available browser the developers can navigate though the system documentation which is laid out in a easy to read and logical way.
With SQL Scribe 90% of your system documentation is complete. Using the included User documentation tool you can add your own user documentation as well.  You can re-run the Schema Extraction process as many times as you need, without losing your user documentation.
  Using IIS and MTS to generate the HTML pages means that hundreds of developers and end-users can access your documentation.  All HTML pages are cross indexed and linked.  This means that with one click you can go from looking at Table documentation to looking at a dependant Stored Procedure.  Finding all the dependant object has never been so easy.
  WEB Hosting site that support Microsoft SQL Server, you can add online documentation as part of your system with one simple and in-expensive purchase.  Just schedule the Schema Extraction process to run nightly and they will alway have up-to-date documentation.
   SQL Scribe Feature Reverse engineer any SQL 7.0 or SQL 2000 database ; Full dependant list and SQL Script for every object ; Title search for any object ; Browser independent i.e. Use MS IE , Netscape,.. ; All pages cross reference and link to all SQL objects on  ; Offline storage of your SQL Script.  This can be used for disaster recovery purposes ; Deploy the WEB object to your clients at no cost.  In this way you can included system documentation to your clients. ; SQL Scribe is licensed per organisation. So with one in-expensive purchase you can document ALL of your databases on ALL of your servers no mater how many servers or databases you have.  Database Service Providers (organisations who supply Database server services to other organisation) are required to purchase two licenses at a discounted price.  One for themselves and one for all of there clients.  See license agreement for more details or email sales@ag-software.com . ; Colour and Style is controlled by Style sheets.  This means you can customize the look and feel to suit your needs See our online demonstration. 

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