Display your custom messages on blue screen of death with this ActiveX control.




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Description of BlueScreen:

BlueScreen is an ActiveX component which allows you to create "blue screen of death" with custom caption, text and styles. BlueScreen doesn't emulate blue screens, it calls standard system error screen, reassigning it's caption, text, and styles. Therefore for the user its appearance by nothing differs from system "blue screen of death", but it doesn?t cause the system crash! It only displays your message on ?blue screen of death?. The usage of BlueScreen very much reminds the usage of the standard MessageBox function. You in a similar way specify the text, caption, "buttons" for display, then invoke an appropriate method and receive the return value. BlueScreen supports OEM character sets in localized versions of Windows, so you may use your native language to specify caption and text properties.Note: BlueScreen is a self-contained ActiveX control, it doesn?t require any additional libraries or packages.Copyright 2001 VSoft research. All rights reserved.

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