AxNTRegSecurity, v2.06

An ActiveX control that allows to monitor and change security settings of registry keys.




$29 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of AxNTRegSecurity, v2.06:

AxNTRegSecurity: The most simple way for the potential intruders is to write something into startup section of the registry. A number of trojans work this way. This can be done via network, without being physically present at the attacked computer! Having tested our Windows network we discovered that a half of all workstations had their registry open for everyone! The system registry has some vital keys which, if tampered with, make a security breach, destroy data. You can easily monitor the registry on the local or remote computer with our AxTNTRegSecurity control. It is another descendant of the common ancestor of all components which deal with different aspects of Windows NT security.

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