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Include a cool-looking hyperlinks with different colorful effects and rollover images support (of all common formats) in your applications.




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Description of Advanced Link:

Advanced Link is an ActiveX control you can use to include a cool-looking hyperlinks in your applications. Advanced Link supports three types of hyperlinks: image (bmp, jpg, gif, ?) hyperlinks, rollover image hyperlinks and active text links with different colorful effects (it is possible to change color, italic, underlined properties when the mouse moves over the link).When the user clicks the hyperlink created with Advanced Link, his default browser (mail program) will be run and he will go to the specified URL.

Main features:
- Supports image and rollover image links of all common formats (bmp, jpg, gif, wmf, emf and others).
- Supports active text links with different colorful effects.
- Advanced Link is an self-contained control by a size about 60 Kb, it doesn?t require any additional run-time libraries or packages.
- Reduced memory usage.
- You can use Advanced Link with absolutely no programming!

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