ActiveLog Logging/Tracing Control (Unlimited Licences)

ActiveLog is a configurable ActiveX control designed for simple logging/tracing output of an application. It can be used in all situations where a pro




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Description of ActiveLog Logging/Tracing Control (Unlimited Licences):

Features- Logfiles are plain ASCII text files- Logfiles are kept open during the shortest possible time, therefore usable after a host's programs crash as postmortem information.- Completely controllable through the documented API - Simple use, in various programming environments, e. g. - Visual C++ - Visual Basic - Java (demoversion in preparation)- Different operating modes for the Visual C++ programming environment: - Overlapped Window (resizeable) - Embedded in a host window - Embedded in a dialog- In non-Visual C++ environments, ActiveLog can be used in Overlapped Window mode.- Configurable through a built-in configuration utility - Printable with Print-Preview through the built-in printing feature - The logfile can be deleted automatically after a selectable number of days - Deletion may be combined with archiving (up to 999 files) - Selective color highlighting with contrast preview for up to 10 log entry id ranges - Selective display feature by filtering for date, time and log entry id ranges - Text search facility - Multiple instances possible, with individual configuration for each instance (through ini-files) - Silent mode for unattended operation (no messageboxes) - Detailed Online-Help in mode "Overlapped Window "- The log has been tested on the following platforms: Windows 98/ME, Windows 2000 (Professional and Server), Windows NT4 with ServicePack5

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