Active Port Pro

ActiveX control which allows to read/write data directly in/out any of hardware port.




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Windows All Versions

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Description of Active Port Pro:

Active Port Pro is an ActiveX control which allows to read/write data directly in/out any hardware port on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. Active Port Pro supports a set of special methods which facilitate the all manipulations with hardware ports. Also Active Port Pro effectively disables Windows I/O ports protection mechanism and allows to use x86 I/O instructions directly in your applications. But the main distinctive feature of Active Port Pro is its simplicity of usage.Active Port Pro key features:¡¤ Ability to correct I/O Permission Map (IOPM). This feature makes I/O transactions really fast.¡¤ Active Port Pro is a very easy to use. With this control it is not necessary for you to care about installing, loading or unloading kernel-mode drivers, Active Port Pro performs the all of these auxiliary actions absolutely transparently.¡¤ Provides direct port access. It means, that if you use Active Port Pro, operating system can?t hook and virtualize (as Windows 95/98/Me does) I/O operations.¡¤ Supports both administrative and non-administrative accounts on Windows NT/2000/XP.¡¤ Supports special methods to determining COM and LPT ports base addresses.¡¤ And the main: The only thing it is necessary to do to disable Windows NT/2000/XP I/O ports protection mechanism is to place Active Port Pro on the form! After this you can use even assembler in/out commands and it will not cause privileged instruction exception!

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