XPeRT Keyboard

Keystrokes on opposite hands go from 50% to 83%, but only 2 common keys move, for easy transition. Uses existing H/W.




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Description of XPeRT Keyboard:

The XPeRT Keyboard layout is built for speed and easy transition from the standard. Only two high frequency keys move: A & N. A 2nd "E" key is created, the most common letter at 13%. These 3 elegant changes increase opposite hand key strokes from 50% to 83 % (better than Dvorak, at 80%), a major factor in typing speed. Hunt style typists may improve from 20 wpm (1.5 keys/sec - kps) to 30 wpm or 40 wpm (3.0 kps) in just days. Imagine doubling productivity!Keep your existing keyboard hardware; most keycaps snap-off and back-on easily. Key labels are available too. Easy install, via wizards. (CIPO Patent Application No. 2,408,521)

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