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Description of hd:Text:

hd:Text is a 32bit word processor for Windows with a lot of special features, that make it unique. Here are a few:hd:Text is small in size, easy to use and concentrates on the function a user usually needs in a word processor; standardized user interface with WYSIWYG editor in different layout modes supporting all installed true type fonts; hd:Text includes all formatting abilities that you need to write your documents. Make your text bold, italic, underline, use different fonts, size and colors; You can easily create tables, change borders and split or merge cells by row; Test your documents with the integrated spellchecker or choose different words by the thesaurus; hd:Text allows you to export your documents to PDF without using special drivers.; You can import documents from Word 6.0/95/97, Windows Word Pad, HTML files or standard text files. hd:Text also has limited support for Unicode; Protect your documents with the Twofish algorithm against unwanted readers

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