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Description of ClipBoardCatcher:

The program stores 'the history' of exchange buffer: after single placing information to buffer the utilityallows to come back to this information quickly at any time in future. Thus, having copied nicks of your interlocutors to exchange buffer by chat only once, you can then insert adesired nick in your phrase without repeated selecting and copying, or 'manual' entering; it allows to speed upyour answers considerably :) To get a screenshot please visit to home page: are two modes of work: default mode - the utility icon is in Tray, at right-click menu appeares, whichcontents 'the history' of work with buffer, at selecting the desired text it is placed in the exchange buffer fromwhere you can copy it to the place you need. The text which is in the buffer at present moment is marked by apoint. Second mode - the utility is a usual window. You can also select a desired text and it will be copied to thebuffer. In this case you can set the utility so that its window is constantly shown on the screen (will not beoverlapped by other windows) - it is useful, e.g., at animated discussion with several persons at a time:) Changing of working modes is carried out in system menu utilities, it appears at right-click on the icon inTray, or on utilities window. The quantity of stored texts is limited by the number specified in options, alsothere you can set the utility so that after selection of a desired text input focus returnes back to the programyou were woking with before calling CBC(switched on by default) Window of options is in About dialog

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