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Description of BlockNote.Net, English Dictionaries:

BlockNote for the NET

Easy to use, compact and fast editor of web documents. It does editing a€?as isa€?a€¡±without need to know from you what HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is. It was designed for people who are creating content of the Internet.

What it does:
Helps you to edit your web documents (HTML) in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) fashion. ; Allows you to create and edit tables, insert images, hyperlinks, lists. You can also change text formatting attributes: fonts, sizes, colors. ; Helps you to send your documents via e-mail in rich HTML format. ; Allows you to print your HTML documents. ; Uses HTML format for cut'n'paste operations which allow you to copy or insert formatted text and data from/to other a€?HTML awarea€? applications: web browsers, word processors, spreadsheets, databases and e-mail programs. ; Exports documents into Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) format. ; Includes a Spellcheck engine. ; Has Undo and Redo functions. ; Allows you to open and save your documents as htm, mht (Web Archivea€¡±html and pictures in one file) and eml (e-mail message) files. ; Does all this in an extremely easy way.

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