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Description of ActualDoc (personal licence):

ActualDoc is a unique recent document manager, designed to make access to any of the documents you have recently used secure, easy and convenient. It keeps track of the documents you are currently working with and helps you to find any of them by name and/or by contents.

The Windows start menu contains the item Documents (on your Windows 9x, ME, NT and Windows 2000) or My Recent Documents (on Windows XP), where you can find the last documents you have opened, but there are some issues and hard limitations connected with its use.
You cannot locate a document if you remember some text from it, but forget the document name.; You cannot access the documents used a week or more ago.; You cannot protect you privacy: anyone who uses your computer can see what files you have recently used.; The Windows menu contains only last 15 documents. It makes the menu useless when you work actively.; It does not keep some files (for example the launched applications).; The Windows menu cannot contain a number of documents with the same name, but stored in different folders.
ActualDoc profoundly extends the functionality of the Windows start menu and provides you with a set of tools that will allow you to focus on your current objectives and won't let various distracting trifles interfere with your work.

Supporting more than 40 graphic, MS Office, text and HTML formats, ActualDoc helps you find and copy any fragments of your documents. For example, you can paste a paragraph of yesterday's MS Word document into your e-mail message with three clicks.

ActualDoc has powerful filtering and categorizing features, it can filter documents by type and by date, sort them by any parameter and classify them into customizable categories. With the effective search tool, you can search for documents by some text or by name.

Another unique feature of ActualDoc is the protection of your privacy. As you know, there is a huge number of various History Cleaners that erase histories, the Windows Recent Documents folder and so on. But if you are using such software, you are constantly losing the records of your histories, which makes it impossible to quickly reopen any of the used files. With ActualDoc, you can save your histories and protect them with a password.

ActualDoc has a multilingual ergonomic interface and comes with a contextual help system and a comprehensive user¡¯s reference. ActualDoc is an indispensable utility for both professional and ordinary users.

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