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Description of LigneDirecte Professional:

Ligne Directe will enable you to interact in real-time with the visitors of your website. Features include chatting with simultaneous visitors, invite someone on your website to chat with you, the ability to co-browse the web with the visitor and to chat between operators. The application will add a human touch to your website and improve your customer and support services. The basic version is available in English and French.


Live chats
Interact live with visitors on your website using written conversation (chat).

Monitoring of your visitors
See all the visitors on your web site and follow their movements, see where they originate from, the language of their browser, their geographic locations and more.

Personalized signature for your emails
Include the Ligne Directe button in your emails so that your customers know you are available to help them at all time.

Push URL
Send a visitor on a specific web page automatically. This function will be helpful to assist a customer in need or to direct him/her on the payment page.

Identification of your visitors
Identify and recognize your visitors.

Predefined answers
Add predefined answers for frequently asked questions and to accelerate the service given by the operators.

Manage simulatenous conversations (talk with more than one person at once)
Manage several conversations at the same time. This function will allow you to discretely go from one customer to another and, at the same time, use the full potential of your operators.

Free updates of your version
Update your version automatically when you start Ligne Directe or when you're being asked to by us, at no additional cost.

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