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scientific calculator with a history list supporting matrix operations, building 2-D and 3-D graphs and evaluating linear programming problems




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Description of Tavrida Scientific Calculator:

Tavrida Scientific Calculator is an easy to use and understand application combining the featuresof a scientific calculator and a spreadsheet:
produces chain calculations with floating-point, logical and matrix values (matrices may contain up to 1000elements) using the previous results saved as variables, for example: A=12, B=3, C=A+2*B=18; supports more than 120 mathematical, statistical, financial, matrix and logical functions and operations; allows to define the output format of each cell (fixed, exponential, fractional, percentual, currency and non-decimalformats are available); integrates, differentiates (up to 3 times), minimizes (maximizes) or averages the expressions in cells. Computesthe equations. Builds samples of up to 1000 values; evaluates linear systems and optimization problems (linear programming, salesman problem, etc.); builds 2- and 3-dimensional graphs. The number of functions shown in one graph is not limited. Functions can be entered in rectangular, polar, spherical and cylindrical coordinate systems, parametrically and as data matrices; there are special tools simplifying entering of variables, functions and matrices; all data can be imported / exported / printed; the information in cells can be searched and replaced; all changes can be undone / redone using the multi-level undo system.

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