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TimeKeeper will remind you at regular intervals during the day to enter how you have spent your time. You will no doubt have found that at the end of a busy day you are never quite sure what you have done. If you don?t get around to doing your timesheet in the evening, you?re going to leave it until the end of the week, and then you have no hope of really knowing what you did during the week. So what do you do? You guess what you did, and forget important items. TimeKeeper will help you to track how you spend your working day and is indispensable if you charge your time to projects or need to account for your working day.Typical professions that have a need to do this are: Consultants Programmers Freelancers Lawyers Any other profession where you sell your time or have to fill a time sheet in on a regular basis. TimeKeeper pops up at a regular interval and reminds you to enter what you have been doing in the previous time period. If you are too busy to fill things in, or if you are still working on the same task, you can simply hit the enter button and timekeeper will go to sleep again. TimeKeeper stores this information and then presents it for you in the form of a report at the end of the week or month so that you can be absolutely sure that you are charging the right amount and the full amount to the right task. TimeKeeper is a small effective application that can help you with one of the most difficult pieces of administration that you have to do on a regular basis: Filling in that timesheet?

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