WhimPro: Image processing/editing software. What-if technology will allow you to change your mind. Image processing equivalent of the spread-sheet. T




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Win CE/Pocket PC

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Description of WhimPro:

WhimPro: What-if image processing software that allows you to change your mind. It allows you to amend what you have done without having to re-do everything, even over different sessions (as you would do with spreadsheets).

This technology enables you to get your image processing tasks done quickly. ; Toggle rapidly between source and result image during each stage of your processing. ; Powerful and flexible routines to put text onto your image. ; Powerful and flexible routines to paste images onto your current image - especially flexible when the paste images have been prepared by this program. Apply image reversed, flipped and rotated and these with a specified degree of transparency. ; Rapidly specify and make the background a single (optionally unique) color - change the color to what-ever and when-ever you please. Specify your edges to be straight-edge, spray-edge or fading-edge. Use fading edges on an image destined for tiling so that repeats fuse seamlessly. ; Specify transparency for background or overall - including PNG alpha channel. ; Flexible print formatting allows you to:- Crop and resize your image. Know where your printer's software and hardware margins are. Place image exactly on the page where you want it to be. Output images with white backgrounds to save on printer cartridge ink. ; Can be used as a freeware image viewer and color picker. ; And more ...

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