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Description of Visual Reports:

Visual Reports is a report writer that allows you to easily generate sophisticated reports, producing anything from the simple output of application data to presentation quality corporate reports. The exposed COM interface makes it easy to include reporting functionality into applications. Visual Reports includes a visual designer and report engine runtime.
Key Benefits:
; Interactive Designer. ; No dependency on a database. ; The software developer feeds data through a COM interface. ; Programmatically control printing of reports. ; Fast report generation. ; Place bitmaps, graphs, and charts into your report.; Supports page zooming and scrolling.; Text wrapping for text lines and paragraphs.; Text wrapping for text lines and paragraphs.; ChartDirector integration for creating charts and graphs; wPDFControl integration to produce PDF reports. The ChartDirector library needs to be purchased separately from ASE. The wPDFControl control needs to be purchased separately from WPTools.

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