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Take Your Television Further We all love the convenience of DVDs ¨C they're small, lightweight and durable, and last up...




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Take Your Television Further
We all love the convenience of DVDs – they're small, lightweight and durable, and last up to ten times longer than VHS tapes. Now, with Sonic PrimeTime, you can make backup copies of your favorite TV shows and play them when and where you want. Watch your favorite shows on your laptop on a plane or in a hotel, in the park or just at home – your shows go with you when you’re on the go.

Build A DVD Library
Easily categorize and burn DVD compilations with only a few clicks of the remote control. Create your own personal comedy, drama or sci-fi compilations. Burn a road-trip DVD of your kids’ favorite shows for the drive to grandma’s house. Make your own TV series boxed set before the packaged versions hit the street. With PrimeTime, it’s only a thumb-click away.
Use Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition to record your favorite TV shows to your PC.
PrimeTime automatically finds all of your recorded shows. Simply open the program!; Sort your shows alphabetically, by genre, or date to find them instantly. ; Select the shows you wish to burn to DVD or Video CD; PrimeTime has a dynamic Bit-Budget™ that allows you to constantly monitor how much space is left on your media.
When your DVD is ready to roll, just click the Burn button. PrimeTime can create DVDs and Video CDs, and it supports all the currently established DVD recordable formats.
Sonic HyperMux™ technology – a standard in Hollywood – creates DVD and Video CD titles that will play in the widest range of set-top and PC-based DVD players, and play back better.

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