ScreensaverWizard French SE

Screen Savers from Director/Flash projector files.




$100 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of ScreensaverWizard French SE:

The ScreensaverWizard creates professional and high impact screen savers from your Macromedia Director/Flash projector files. The screen savers will run on Microsoft Windows 9x/NT as well as on Microsoft Windows 2000.The tool has been especially designed for the use with Macromedia Director and Flash. With the ScreensaverWizard you may:- switch resolution and color depth when your screen saver gets invoked, - shutdown the screen saver at mouse movements, mouse clicks and/or keystrokes without additional programming effort, - specify a custom bitmap as the screen saver's preview, - create complex screen savers including additional files and folders,- split your screen savers to volumes, and much more!

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