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Flowmotion is a realtime video instrument that allows mixing and effecting of up to 5 layers of video, reacting to MIDI and Audio




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Description of Robotfunk Flowmotion:

Flowmotion is a new piece of software for live video performance that allows you to make realtime compositions out of video clips, images, video capture device inputs, flash movies and visual synthesizers, controlled by mouse, keyboard, MIDI controllers, audio levels (at 16 frequency bands), Low Frequency Oscillators and other devices.
Five layers can be blended or mixed with different transfer modes, each can have any kind of input (images, video clips, live video input,etc).Each channel has up to two realtime effects that can be controlled by dedicated faders or other parameters.
Flowmotion is fully modular in the sense that every fader can be linked to every other fader or parameter (LFO's, time, loop position, FFT frequency, or use the MIDI learn function to dedicate a hardware fader to a software parameter). You do not have to program your own patches though, the interface is more like an instrument, giving fast access to every parameter in an uncluttered layout. The image stream is also modular, you can link channels to reprocess output of previous channels and record the screen output to any clip even if it is playing in the composition.
Flowmotion can synchronize to any music by chasing MIDI sync (with SyncSlave addon or other MIDI hard/software) or by tapping the space bar in a certain tempo.
Clips can loop synchronized to the master tempo or at their own speed, or triggered by MIDI notes or 'scratched' with MIDI controllers, joysticks or mice, or controlled by patterns.
Every one of the five channels has two effect slots where you can use any out of the collection of over 40 effects that are implemented now. This number is growing fast.
You can also link a channel to the channel before it, enabling complex effect compositions. The output can be recorded into new clips, you can even record into a clip that is playing in a composition for truly destructive feedback effects.
Every fader you move can not only be linked to every other parameter in flowmotion, you can record and playback fader movements and parameter changes into patterns to make wildly expressive patterns that sync to the music. Patterns can be stored in the pattern grid and applied to other parameters.
Flowmotion supports multiple monitor setups so that one screen displays the interface while the other displays fullscreen output.
Flowmotion supports the following file formats:Quicktime, AVI, MPEG 1, Flash, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PICT and many more.
Flowmotion can load and save clips and full banks in its own native format for fast importing.
Clips can be imported and every parameter can be changed while Flowmotion is playing, the output will not be interrupted. You can record the output into new clips that are instantly available.
Flowmotion has an intuitive interface that allows quick control over every part of your composition. It is designed to integrate well intoaudio/MIDI environments.
Flowmotion is fast.Many live video applications use video in its native format requiring the CPU to decompress every video frame before being able to compose or effect it.Flowmotion preloads every frame of a clip when you import it so that it has fast access to image data and can handle complex compositions and effects in real time.
Flowmotion is flexible.Work how you want to. No matter if you want to use it as a simple 5 channel video mixer, a MIDI triggered video sampler, a realtime effect box for your video camera, or convert audio frequencies into colours, flowmotion can do it.
Flowmotion is fun.It plays like an instrument, everything is realtime and can be changed realtime in any way you want, You can plan performances if you want, but ideally you will be having to much fun improvising.

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