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PromptPro is powerful prompting system for Windows computers. Useful for broadcast, conference and presentation applications. Works with almost all




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Description of PromptPro for Windows:

PromptPro for Windows is a powerful prompting solution for Windows. Prompting systems are most often used by broadcasters and conference speakers but can also find applications in live theatre, presentations etc.

PromptPro works with almost any prompting hardware and provides powerful features normally only found in packages costing many times the price. key features include:
Super smooth scrolling of text in both directions. ; Works in full colour or monochrome mode for maximum performance on slower machines. ; Powerful built-in word processing features including spell checker means you do not need a separate word processing applications. ; Registered users can also install an 'editor-only' version (excludes prompting features) on unlimited machines within their organization for the preparation of scripts. ; Files are saved as Rich Text Format for maximum portability between computers. PromptPro can also open MS Word documents directly. ; Key text parameters (bold, italic, font colour etc) are interpreted by the prompter, others (font name, size etc) are set globally for the prompter. ; Script bookmarks allow easy navigation around scripts. ; Prompter can change font size dynamically while prompting. ; Easy operation of the prompter from computer keyboard without any additional hardware. ; 'Prompt-from-clipboard' feature enables you to prompt directly from any other application such as email or web browser. ; 'Prompter-clipping' enables the prompter dimensions to be precisely set - this is very useful when using older CRT prompters or scan converters without 'underscan' features. ; At only US$ 325 a copy - the most competitive price in the business!

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