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PresenterSoft MediaEasy is an authoring tool that enables companies and universities to create on demand rich media presentations and e-learning cours




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Description of PresenterSoft MediaEasy:

Designed for companies and universities, PresenterSoft MediaEasy is a powerful, yet simple to use tool that allows you to create web-based streaming video presentations including PowerPoint slides, images ,and HTML that change in synchronization with the video or audio content. PresenterSoft MediaEasy utilizes a natural workflow that is tab based and requires absolutely no hand coding. To create a polished presentation or e-training course with PresenterSoft MediaEasy is quick and easy, only five steps are needed. First, choose a presentation template, then import video or audio, powerpoint slides, images ,and HTML. Standard PowerPoint slides are converted to jpegs or gifs automatically. After finished importing media files, you can synchronize video with slides, images and HTML files. Then set presentation properties , such as presentation title . If you want to know what your presentation look like, just press preview tab . Finally, if you satisfied with your work , you can publish your presentation on the Web, intranet, or on local drives.

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