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Did you ever need to print out a large poster or banner but you couldn't make it big enough on your standard printer?PosterPrint can work with a document from any Windows application, zoom and print it on several standard sheets of paper. See what PosterPrint can do!Using PosterPrint on any regular printer, you can easily print a poster or banner that has been zoomed from 50% up to 800%. You can even do this right from your favourite program (i.e. MS Word, Corel Draw, IE Explorer, etc.). And since PosterPrint works as an extension of other programs, there's no complicated steps to learn. Just create your document with any program you like, and print it with PosterPrint!PosterPrint will automatically calculate the layout of your document using the least amount of paper. It can remove empty sheets of paper from your project and can even make glue margins for easy sheet connection! Also, PosterPrint can save a document to disk for later use or for printing on another computer.

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