Netwam Basket System Manager 2003 Professional

Software designed to develop basketball plays and drills.




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Description of Netwam Basket System Manager 2003 Professional:

Netwam Basket System Manager Professional is an advanced software, oriented to the basketball professional, designed to develop plays and drills.

Some of its most remarkable features are its easy of use when it comes to design, join, copy, print, and store any play or drill.

It allows the user to create players, with a customizable form including features, comments and even their picture. We can also define new objects as balls, cones, baskets, etc and assigning them main attributes.

Another useful feature in Netwam BSM 2003 Professional resides in the chance of interchanging plays and drills between users. As well through the internet as by means of a diskette or CD. In the same way it is possible to interchange player and object records.

Advanced features in the Professional version over the Standard one are:

Complete book exportation to Microsoft? Word, Microsoft? Excel, Adobe? PDF, Html and Rich Text RTF formats.
; Play exportation to Macromedia? Flash animated movies.
; Object design and modification. It allows creation of new players assigning images, characteristics, etc.
; Player printing and exporting. By means of this option we can print and export player pictures and features.
Note: Microsoft?, Adobe? y Macromedia? are Registered Trademarks.

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