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With MGE-IccProof you are able to print on everey GDI-, RGB- based Printer colormanaged Printing Press simulated Proofs. Where the input Data is Postscript Level 1, 2, 3 or PDF.The Software can print on every GDI-, RGB-Device which understands no Postscript and can be sold on the market. The Highlight is in the moment deffinitly in using of the new generation of cheap and powerfull Color-Laser-Printers and Ink-Jet-Printers arround 250.- $ up to 900.- $ whith great proofing results.You can define the Printing Process to simulate, the Proofing Process of your Proof-Printer and all with Icc-Profiles. Whith Color Sliders in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black you are able to finetune the output for best results also if your paper or ink Charke changed.The working of the Software is very easy, you print to a color Postscript-Driver of your choice to a predefinded Printing-Port (MGE-IccProof does). The Postscript-Rip**** Software is watching this port and generates from the incoming Datastream a Raster-Bitmap in variable resolution which is directly on the fly profiled and outputted to your Proof-Printer. ***Or you drop Postscript-, Eps- or Pdf-Files directly to the Programm-Window.So now it¡äs easy, fast and cheap to simulate a Printing-Press process on every Color-Printer. The first Paperprofile for your Proof-Printer will be generated from us and is included in the selling price. So the complete Proof-Workflow will give the best results with the knowledge that your Proof-Printer is messured absolute professional.We tried the following printers in our office:But think about, you can use every GDI-, Rgb, Quckdraw-Printer!Epson Stylus Pro 7500, 5000, 3000Epson Stylus Photo 750Epson Aculaser 900, 1000, 1900, 8600HP DesignJet 5000HP DesignJet 10 PsAll QMS-magicolor? from the 2300 Range* The normal Driver from the Printer needs to be installed.**/*** Under MaxOs you need to drop the Ps-, Eps-Files to the Programm Window or to an Spoolfolder. With Windows you can directly print to the system or drop the Files to the Programm-Window.**** The Postscript-Rip Software is Opensource, and would be delivered on a free and for everybody copyable CD. The installation will be automated without the need of knowing anything about Rip¡äs. The greatest Proof-Software-Developper using this Opensource Software to make perfekt Postscript Level 2 und 3 Outputs.

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