Marconnit Presentation Aid

Lets you freeze the screen (any screen!) and mark on it with highlighter, marker, straight line/arrowheads, text and much more!




$20 (USD)


Windows All Versions

Marconnit Presentation Aid Download

Description of Marconnit Presentation Aid:

Throw away that laser pointer!

Grab your viewers attention by writing directly on the screen!

Activate from the system tray or hot key combination, then draw on any screen with one of the six tools: Pen (highlighter/marker), Shapes (rectangle, oval, rounded rectangle in highlighter or marker styles), text, straight line/arrowheads, magnifier and eraser.

Mulitple colors, pen widths, styles and cursors. Also features a free-floating zoom window that can be used with the other tools or as a stand-alone aid.

Easy to use, and perfect for teaching with computer or business presentations.

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