I-PM Internet Produkt Manager

The idial software for enterprises wants there products to present economical in the internet without much expenditure.




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Description of I-PM Internet Produkt Manager:

I N F O R M A T I O N Present daily current products with 9 mousclick¡¯s!The Internet Product Manager permits you without any HTML or programming knowledge to present your products conformable and fast in the internet.Everything what you need is an internet address under that the product sides can be reached by everyone.The following information about your products can be published with I-PM:- Product designation- Information to each product- Product prices- Pictures of your productsF E A T U R E S- Graphic adjustment to your existing Web appearance- Administration of an unlimited number of categories- Administration of a unlimited number of products in the individual categories- Delete from categories and individual products- Work on an existing product- Search function for fast finding and working on products- Fully automatic generation of all web pages- Fully automatic Upload of the web pages on your Web server

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