FOTOLUPEshow - Pr?sentieren durch die Lupe

FOTOLUPEshow - create your picture-presentation for a magnifying-glass; for cd-rom and internet




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Showing high-resolution images on the monitor causes restrictions. A high-resolution image has to be scrolled, the user looses orientation in the details. Here helps our FOTOLUPEshow.Create your own presentation with the SETUP-tool, for example from digital picturedata of a camera. The SETUP-tool will prepare everthing, that you can view all your images through a magnifying glass:- with SETUPfotolupe you copy your high-resolution images into a folder of the fotolupe-directory. SETUP will convert your pictures to JPG, if they are existing only in bmp-format. There will be a 100% copy of your original (zoompicture) as two other smaller copies (Icon for scrollbar, draft in lower resolution)- Name every picture and comment it. These comments will be shown in your presentation- if you are used with FLASH MX from MACROMEDIA, you can prepare SWF-Files to magnify...The result of SETUP are two kind of presentations:1.) the presentation can be viewed local or from cd-rom (EXE-file).2.) the presentation can be viewed via internet. You can integrate the html-code into your own page. (SWF-file).One advantage of FOTOLUPEshow: the highresolutiondata will load only, if the user clicks on an icon. So the user is avoided from long download-times...

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