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Description of eCatalog:

eCatalog has a very user friendly and simple to use interface to handle highly customizable and marketable product gallery driven web and/or multimedia presentation. The front view enables user to view its collection (along with product image related information) user defined category/grouping wise. For the purpose of creation of presentation web/catalog from the entire collection, user has option to select product images through a very easy to use selection list. User can create and maintain entire image collection with adequate provision of customizable detail section for respective product images. The new data insertion can be done by selecting folder/files from media either individually or altogether. Each such product added is displayed with complete image info. Currently, most popular image formats (for web purposes)- jpeg, bmp and gif are supported. All the data inputs are managed category wise and have secured access. Once the images are selected for presentation creation, the existing presentation can be maintained (with new insertions, editions or deletions) with great ease. Also, new presentation can be created from selected images/all images (all in collection or for specific category). After uploading to web servers, user may just have to submit to search engines. Once presentation project, then can be converted into highly customizable web and/or multimedia presentation. User may set its own preferences for image sequences, thumbnail (-sizes, number of thumbnails on a page, colors, background image, cell padding, tool tip option), category viewing ( conventional tree view or dynamic tree view; index table settings), full sized image page (image size optimization, background color/image, image info customization), styles (slide show customization, design templates, music selection, full sized view without explorer toolbar, search facility and shopping cart creation). User can also use its own design templates and structure its presentation to suit its requirement. eCatalog driven presentation can have category wise product gallery in thumbnails (in addition to pages on home, contact, feedback, guest book etc), full sized pages for each image (with optional info, image zooming facility), complete navigation panel, slide show, search engine on product images, shopping cart for quick selection. Such presentation can have user defined design templates and are suitable for web promotion through auto meta tag insertions.

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