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With Discstarter you can create professional looking autostart-applications for CD-ROMs by using HTML pages without a browser window.




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Description of Discstarter Commercial Site License:

HTML-front-ends are very popular as autorun-menus on CD-ROMs and DVDs because they are easy and affordable to create and guarantee platform independency.
But very often expensive solutions like self-programmed autorun-applications or authoring-tool-developed menus are used, because HTML-front-ends can only be displayed in an "ugly" browser-window. Moreover links to executable content like programs or ZIP-archives are protected by browser-alert-messages which bug the user and give the front-end an unprofessional look.
With Discstarter, the professional solution for HTML-front-ends on CD-ROMs and DVDs this problem is history.
Only a few mouse-clicks and Discstarter becomes your autorun-application and can show any HTML-front-ends according to your wishes. You decide whether the window should have a border or not and at which size the window should be displayed or being positioned.
This makes your HTML-front-end look like the result of an "expensive" authoring-product and still it is runnable on any system.
Moreover you can specify the system-requirements for your HTML-front-end (e.g. JavaScript, Flash etc.). In case the target-machine does not fulfil these requirements, Discstarter can automatically launch a "light-media-version" of your HTML-front-end or display your front-end in an external standard-browser.
Discstarter can display all types of media, if they are supported by the Internet-Explorer and IE is installed on the target-machine.
If there is no Internet-Explorer present or the CD-ROM is launched on a non-Windows-system (e.g. Linux), your HTML-front-end can still be displayed in another Browser which is available on the target-machine (e.g. Netscape or Conqueror).

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