3D-Album PE

3D-Album creates animated 3D presentations, CD, Email, Web Page, Screensavers from your own contents - Images/photos, music, voice and text.




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Description of 3D-Album PE:

With over 80 fabulous 3-D themes, 3D-Album turns your photos, music, voiceover, and text into a brilliant show that you can make pop-play CDs, web pages, screensavers and email attachments. A wide variety of amazing 3-D styles from lifelike 3-D books to virtual art galleries provide unique presentations for weddings, reunions, graduations, parties, new babies and other special occasions. Plus, new themes are available for free download at www.3d-album.com. You can use an unlimited number of photos and combine multiple themes with cool 3-D transitions and television-style headline animations. Configuration settings allow you to control all aspects of the effects of speed, size, lighting, color, material, and texture. Only 3D-Album brings you an exquisite photo album with true shadowing, lighting, reflection, and motion blurs effects, and gives you interactive controls of the album in a 3-D world. The download package supports 9 languages including major Western and Asian languages.

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