Cresotech PhotoScreen - Special Price Pack

User-friendly simple tool for building a screensaver using own images (special price pack for PhotoPoint owners).




$5 (USD)


Windows All Versions

Cresotech PhotoScreen - Special Price Pack Download

Description of Cresotech PhotoScreen - Special Price Pack:

Cresotech PhotoScreen - Special Price Pack is available for registered users of Cresotech PhotoPoint (both for those who already registered their PhotoPoint copy earlier and those who registering two programs at once). This software is not require any special skills, and screensaver construction takes only a few seconds. All you need to build a screensaver - just point your images to the program and then press Build button. Cresotech PhotoScreen will do the rest - generate a screensaver with 150 different image transition effects using your files. All users of Cresotech PhotoScreen can feel free to publish and distribute any screensavers built with this program without any limitations or fees, ABSOLUTELY ROYALTY FREE. The only our requirement is to include the note into such screensaver description, confirming it is created using Cresotech PhotoScreen, and product link is

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