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CoverSetup 2000 - the ultimate software for printing Covers and Labels




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Description of CoverSetup 2000:

Use CoverSetup to select and print your Covers and Labels in the correct dimensions. CoverSetup automatically finds the BackCover and Label, once you've selected a FrontCover!

All the covers you wish to print are added to a PrintList - and printed in 1 session (while you have a cup of coffee!). CoverSetup uses it's own printer-settings, so you don't have to adjust the default printer or print-quality before and after printing your covers through CoverSetup!

The Drag&Drop feature by which covers can be dragged from the browser directly into CoverSetup, is quite addictive. And the fine features are maintained automatically through CoverSetup's build-in AutoUpdater.

RightClick-features for renaming files or for editing images in your favorite editor, Interactive SearchEngine for finding your covers and so forth, are among the other exiting features which makes CoverSetup a neccessity.


AutoUpdate - CoverSetup automatically checks for new versions
Drag&Drop - Drag images directly into CoverSetup
AutoSearch for BackCover and Label
AutoAdjust double FrontCovers - images of double FrontCovers are automatically resized
BuildIn Interactive Search-engine
DiasShow with variable timer
ZoomIn Windows for seeing details
Open/Save sets of images (ProjectFiles)
Rightclick to edit any image in your favorite editor
Rename image-files directly in lists
PrintList-features (print all images in ONE session!)
ScaleList-features (Infinite no. of Custom-sizes)
Output to Printer OR Microsoft Word
Adjustable ColourPalette on list- and textboxes


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