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Catalog-CD™ with Portable Server, allows you to put an encyrpted copy of your web site onto a CD/DVD disk, from which your customers can order electronically. The web site can include broadband displays, databases, remote database updating, email forms, surveys, calendar of events, chat and other interactive functions.
A few of the file types supported are ASP, HTML, XML, XSL, DTD, CSS, Javascript, PDF, MS Access database(s) and other portable file formats, that support web links.

Why put a Web site on CD-ROM?
Because you can quickly and easily re-purpose your existing website into a portable CD-ROM site which allows for broadband displays, which can be direct mailed to your clients. It's an excellent direct marketing piece. The low cost CD-ROMs save on Printing, Postage, and Advertising Costs. These portable electronic catalogs can not only be put on CD-ROMs and mini-CD-ROMs, but can be downloaded over the web.

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