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Create high-end interactive multimedia applications, without any programming language required. Using conditional scripting, easy drag and drop compon




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Autorun Xpress has been designed to allow any user as well as professionals create CD and DVD media menu's and launchers. Using Autorun Xpress, you can create these items, and many more, with the ease of drawing buttons on a form. Using an intuitive point and click environment with rich properties, you can create high-end interactive multimedia applications and menus with flash, video, audio, scripting, animations, transparent images, dynamic shaped forms, easy rollover buttons and much more...Thanks to the latest supports in audio, video, animations (Flash MX 6), scripting, and much more... you can create everything that your imagination allows... Thanks to ints intuitive WYSIWYG interface, anyone can create professional front ends and multimedia applications. You simply draw your controls on the form, change there properties and appearance and add some scripting to jump to web pages, start an application, play audio or video items,...Not only video, audio and images in the most popular formats like WAV, MP3, WMA, DIVX, AVI, MPG, JPEG, GIF,... are supported, but also animations (animated GIF) and Flash 6 MX documents can be built into your own application without any programming skill required.Thanks to MP3 and DIVX you can even fit hours of video, speech and music to enhance the multimedia feeling.You can use over 50 different scripting functions you can choose from (from simple open new menu commands to writing and reading registry information) and conditional scripting statements (IF, WHILE,...). Almost anything is possible. Combine this with the easy rollover, click, change and timed events to allow you to create very real interactivity. When you think your media is ready, you can compile your whole project into multiple files or into only 1 Stand Alone Windows application. The end user just has to click on the created EXE file, and your whole project will appear without installing anything. There is no software requireed to ren compiled content.

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