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Album3D is a digital 3D photo gallery, a DOOM-like storage of your favorite photos and movies.




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Description of Album3D Builder by AM Software:

Album3D Builder allows users to create 3D maze galleries using their own images, video, sound and animations. The users can walk in their galleries in real time. This will be a good solution for many commercial, exhibition and advertising environments. Album3D Builder can be used with great success by hobbyists or family photo album creators. After creation the maze can be sent to the friends or customers as a standalone application.Unlike other virtual galleries, Album3D offers a free hand movement control and allows you to show the movies and pictures you like in a fresh and interesting way.The commercial companies, who needs an interactive preview oftheir products, can create impressive cover CD's with Album3D.(Just think about cars, flowers, foods etc.)Album3D does not require you (or your customers)to have VisualBasic or VisualC++ runtimes installed, neither tohave any specific DirectX version. To view movies, yourcustomers even not have to install any video codec, since you canplay your movies from FLI/FLC files.

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