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Mass emailing to recipients using the popular Windows Address Book, merging fields from the address book into each email.




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Description of Addressbook Mailer:

This MASS MAILER allows you to send PLAIN TEXT and HTML formatted emails to any number of recipients on an EXCEL spreadsheet. You may include images and text, merge any of the Address Book fields into the email to provide a unique email to each one of the recipients.

Ideal to send out personalised emails to a large group of recipients. These may include clients, mailing list subscribers or even just your friends. You may merge any of the Address Book fields into the email.

The Address Book Mailer may to your default address book or to any other WAB file. It is recommended to have Outlook Express 5.5 or higher installed. The email is designed in any of your favourite HTML editors and then copy and pasted into Outlook Express. At this moment the merge codes are created and the email is saved to disk.

The Address Book Mailer will merge the data from the Windows Address Book into the email and send a unique email to each recipient.

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