TimeTool for N9110 (international version)

The application TimeTool combines five different modules controlled by time. It uses the outstanding WAV-play capabilities of the NOKIA N9110 Commun




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Description of TimeTool for N9110 (international version):

"TimeTool" is an application for the N9110(i), which will help you in many time-related matters. Besides that it makes use of the built-in WAV-features of the N9110(i) to perform some neat tricks. * Timer, is a count-down clock, which will count-down from a user-specified number of minutes. * Planner, is a time-manager with a lot more options than the built-in of the N9110(i). * Start-Up, is a funny little gimmick, with will let the user specify a WAV to be played every time the cover to the PDA is either opened or closed. It will also allow the user to set how often it should do this. Talking Clock, is a... talking clock! Is uses pre-recorded WAVs to tell time. The user can set how often this should happen too. * Stopwatch, is a stopwatch which times down to 1/10 of a second, and allow you to take intermediate times too.More infos at --> http://www.timetool.de/tntoolen.htm

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