Sniff@ V2 - DER E-Mail Filter

The ultimate email-collection-tool.




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Description of Sniff@ V2 - DER E-Mail Filter:

Build unlimited mailing-lists. Filter all filetypes for correct email-adresses. ULTRAFAST!

You can use file- and domain-filters, save the exported files seperatet by comma, semicolon, space or linefeed. Another alternative ist to copy the result to the clipboard for further use.

It is really imressing, how many adresses you can find on your system. Sniff through offline-websites, seach your outlook.pst, find all adresses in word-documents or databases...

Try it out - it works

Some people earn a lot of mony with email-business. You can do the same job -and the best! - its so cheap. A few bucks and you are the email-king ;-)

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