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Description of SM-Diar:

Sm-Diar is a personal manager makes posible to organise of the work by a simple and effective way, to lead a personal directory, to plan the tasks, to print the envelops, labels, clear tabulations. Sm-Diar consists of four basic parts.Address part consists of addresses evidence and makes possible to record all your contacts into transparent database and also to search of desired data and adaptation of interface under your imagine by means of user adjustment of desktop. In your new SM-Diar program you will be able to define own data items (simple text, Multi-line, Picture, Date, Check box).This good point makes possible to create your own dreamed database. Reports part consists of creation of reports in a form to address labels, envelop printing, address preview printing on a base of your own option or option with using of searching, view before printing, possibility to print on self adhesive labels. Links part consists of references database to files or to internet sites. Addition of references is possible by a method ?drag and drop". On you screen will create catching form into which you may directly during your work to add the files. these files are directly recorded into database. Is also possible to make use of the filtration according to type of file and of course to look up by means of installed function.Tasks part consists of electronic diary with option to record of tasks and to remind in advanced time which determine yourself, by a program ?Guard" included in a SM-Diar .program delivery. Is possible to display the tasks in a time sections ( day, week, moth) and also to display in a three structure with particular projects. Module of tasks makes possible to start - open the files in you computer according to your personal schedule.

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