SageWorld Mega Clock

SageWorld Mega Clock. Provides standard and user-definded musical alerts. Can be set days in advance. Can be set to turn the PC off.




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Description of SageWorld Mega Clock:

This is an alarm clock program. It enables the user to set a time and a reminder message. At the appointed time, a message screen flashes up and an audible warning sounds (dependent upon correctly configured speakers). It lives in the toolbar and runs every time windows starts. The alarm can be set or viewed by clicking the toolbar icon with the left mouse button. Other options are available by clicking the icon using the right mouse button.
The alarm setting will be retained after power-off so reminders can be set weeks in advance.
The alarm will sound at a set date as well as at a set hour.
There is a choice of alarm type (beep, own tune and a user-supplied tune)*
It's possible to set the computer to switch off at a set time/date.
*Must be a .wav (wave) file.

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